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Title Platform Date
Big in Japan Feb. 6-12: Suikoden, Gravity Rush
Two portable Sony titles dominate the Japanese software chart, but the 3DS is still the reigning hardware for the week.
PS3 16 Feb 2012
Big in Japan Jan 23-29: Armored Core V, Resident Evil: Re
From Software's mech combat sequel and Capcom's 3DS survival horror title top software sellers as PS Vita sees slight sales boost and 3DS easily tops hardware chart.
X360 01 Feb 2012
Big in Japan Jan 9-15: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga
Recent bundle of famous strategy RPG series bumps Nintendo racer from top spot; console sales experiencing post-holiday slump.
PS3 19 Jan 2012
Big in Japan - Jan 2-8: 3DS, Mario Kart 7
Nintendo's portable system and games maintain edge on the competition in first week of 2012; Vita sales stabilize above 40,000 units.
PS3 12 Jan 2012
Binary Domain pushed to February 28
Sega's new squad-based shooter from Toshihiro Nagoshi moved from Valentine's Day debut to end of the month.
X360 11 Jan 2012
Big in Japan Dec. 26-Jan. 1: Mario Kart 7
Nintendo's kart racer holds onto pole position ahead of Monster Hunter 3G as PS Vita continues downward trajectory.
PS3 05 Jan 2012
Battlefield fights to maintain UK number one
DICE's shooter retains the top spot, while Uncharted 3 debuts at number two, Sonic Generations in the top 10.
PC 07 Nov 2011
Big in Japan Sept. 5-11: Tales of Xillia
Namco Bandai's flagship RPG reaches top spot, followed by Resident Evil revivals and Resistance 3; PS3 climbs to top of hardware sales chart.
WII 20 Sep 2011
Big in Japan August 15-21: Rhythm Heaven
Oddball rhythm game climbs back to top spot, dethroning Monster Hunter and Pokemon spin-offs; 3DS still in hardware pole position.
3DS 26 Aug 2011
Binary Domain hits Xbox 360 and PS3 February 14
Yakuza creator's robotic rebellion kicks off on Valentine's Day in North America, February 17 in Europe.
X360 19 Aug 2011
Big in Japan August 8-14: Monster Hunter and Pokemon spin
Sega soccer title and Kirby game bumped down by latest Capcom and Nintendo titles; 3DS sales shoot back up due to price cut.
DS 18 Aug 2011
Big in Japan August 1-7: Kirby Mass Attack
Kirby's latest handheld adventure second to Sega's new soccer game in latest Japanese sales chart; 3DS slips to fifth place in hardware race.
DS 11 Aug 2011
Burnout Crash speeding in August
Criterion Games' new downloadable racing game heading to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network next month; no price offered.
PS3 12 Jul 2011
Big in Japan June 27- July 3: Tales of the Abyss 3DS
Portable version of PS2 RPG pushes sales for system; Super Street Fighter IV: AE and GoldenEye 007 tailing behind.
3DS 08 Jul 2011
Big in Japan June 20-26: Meruru No Atelier
New Atelier series and Gundam entry on top of the list; 3DS back in second place on hardware sales.
PS3 30 Jun 2011
BioWare hiring for Dragon Age III
Studio creative development director Alistair McNally tweets about development of third installment in fantasy series.
PC 20 May 2011
Bit.Trip Saga collected for 3DS
All six of Gaijin Games' downloadable Wii rhythm action games compiled for retail release this summer on Nintendo's new handheld.
3DS 28 Apr 2011
Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury launching May 4
Treasure-developed XBLA game to arrive with more than 100 stages, editor to make and share levels with friends.
X360 26 Apr 2011
Burnout Crash details surface - Report
EA's car-mayhem franchise said to be "action arcade style" set in fictitious Crash City.
PS3 13 Apr 2011
Big in Japan: Final Fantasy IV Collection
Square Enix remake for Sony's handheld tops 100,000 sold as 3DS and PSP hardware race goes down to the wire.
PSP 01 Apr 2011

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