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UFC Undisputed 3 is the complete MMA experience that fans of the sport have been hoping for.


Editors' Choice
Just Right
Time Spent:
10 to 20 Hours
The Bottom Line:


To say that this entry into the world of mma games is better than previous versions is an understatement. Every aspect of the game has been given the attention it deserves to be top level from fighter animations to gameplay controls, this game oozes perfection down to the finest details. It combines all of the best aspects from mma titles like EA Sports MMA, Supremacy MMA and even UFC 2009 & 2010. THQ has gone back to school when it comes to mma fighting presentation and style and this game proves more than ever why game developers need to stop focusing on putting out a 'yearly' title and start focusing on a creating a fantastic, well designed polished game.

The biggest and most pleasant addition to the franchise is the inclusion of Pride. Players can now choose from UFC or Pride rule sets and can use UFC fighters in Pride and vice-versa. There are 150 fighters to start with by default and more as DLC. Create mode has been streamlined to be easier and quicker so it doesn't take as long to jump into the action. You can also share created fighters over the network allowing you to search for and download other player creations as well as fight cards. There is also the ability to create your own highlight reels using the data from your past 50 rounds of fighting. The game saves your last 50 rounds 'in their entirety'. You still have the ability to create fight cards, compete in tournaments and go through title mode and title defence mode.

Fighters look better and move with more fluidity than in previous UFC titles and can perform more moves than in previous UFC's. The gameplay mechanics have been revamped to include an amateur control scheme making it accessible to newcomers while being advanced enough that even veteran gamers could enjoy them. There is a major difference in this game though when it comes to transitions. In previous games blocking strikes also auto blocked transitions. Now, players have to actively block every transition using a flick of the right stick. Also, now there is a simulation mode which better mimics the real life effects of fighting. Fighters will become fatigued quickly if players do not manage stamina. Button mashing will almost certainly end badly for the player. The simulation mode puts a great deal of emphasis on strategic fighting, making it easy to get knocked out if you aren't careful with blocking, swaying and countering.

Career mode has been overhauled to reflect a more action packed approach. No more stat decay. Plus, you now have the option to boost your stats by completing tasks during matches based on your pre-fight game plan. Pull off the moves and you get to keep a percentage of those boosted stats. Fail to complete the tasks and you lose the stat boost points but keep the Cred and bonus points from the fight itself. Its a good way to implement a strategy and get rewarded for following it. Career mode also has the ability to watch - or simulate - other fights as well, similar to WWE games.

Visually the game looks stunning. Its flawless actually. Collision detection is spot on, graphics and attention to detail is 100%. It would have been nice to have a blood smear effect as with EA MMA but thats just being picky. The blood visuals in UFC 3 are really good, just not perfect. The submission system however, is perfect, fair and incorruptible. Its an on-screen mini-game visual similar to EA MMA's submission graphic with the exception that UFC's submission game relies on quickly overlapping your opponent's strength bar with your own and staying on it while the opponent tries to escape. The game is played by using the right stick to circle the outside perimeter of an Octagon shaped graphic. Your strength bar shortens as you go, reflecting a loss of energy so you have to work efficiently at maintaining the submission. There is a long rectangular shaped meter in the lower center of the graphic with represents who is winning and losing the submission game. The longer you hold the submission the more you fill that meter with your color. Fill the meter completely and you have successfully submitted your opponent.

Online is pretty straight forward! Better connection than previous UFC games from what I am seeing on the forums although I never had any issues with any of the UFC games online mode! As of writing the review, there were some issues with regard to connection loss from players but I am confident that it's a correctable issue.

Do yourself a favor and go out and purchase UFC Undisputed 3. You WILL enjoy this game!

Funeral services will be held for UFC Undisputed, Undisputed 2010 and EA Sports MMA immediately following the celebration of UFC Undisputed 3.

A história começa com dois agentes do AMS (policia secreta de defesa civil), Thomas Rogan e "G".


Editors' Choice
Time Spent:
10 Hours or Less
The Bottom Line:


Primeiro um zumbi ataca um dos empregados e você mata-o. A seguir antes de ele morrer, diz-vos "The others are still inside.Save them!" Depois ao pé de uma fonte, encontramos Sophie, ela vem a ter convosco, mas uma gárgula cinzenta apanha-a e leva-a. Depois dentro da casa, mais à frente, num corredor ouve-se uma voz a gritar e vem de uma sala. Entra-se e vemos Sophie, mas um guerreiro de metal salta do tecto e com a sua lança gigante, atira Sophie contra a parede. Aí vem o primeiro boss. (veja os bosses na lista mais a frente). Depois de o derrotar, Sophie diz "Rogan, you must stop Curien (o cientista louco que criou os zumbies) or something terrible will happen! Hurry, go!!" e morre; e só se ouve Rogan dizer "SOPHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Depois vem o 2º nível. Depois de uma boa caminhada a matar os zumbis, vem a gárgula , o rei dos morcegos. O 2º boss. Depois (3º nível) passamos pelos laboratorios. Finalmente encontramos Curien, mas ele vai para o laboratório secreto subterrâneo. Uma aranha gigante salta para a vossa frente. Terceiro boss. Depois, ÚLTIMO NÍVEL. Aí voltamos a derrotar o primeiro e o segundo boss. Depois encontramos Curien e ele diz "Look my masterpiece!! !" e aparece o último boss, mas ele mata Curien. Depois é só derrota-lo e, e o jogo é concluído.
[editar]Bosses (Chefes)
Chariot-guerreiro de metal com lança gigante Ponto fraco-Mancha de sangue no peito
Hangedman-gárgula cinzenta, rei dos morcegos Ponto fraco-Cabeça
Hermit-aranha gigante de 6 olhos e minhocas na boca Ponto fracos-Minhocas na boca
Magician-humanóide com chifres e dois dedos em cada mão e coberto de armadura, excepto uns músculos vivos não cobertos pela armadura Ponto fraco-músculos não cobertos pela armadura.
[editar]Finais possíveis

Final ruim: nesse final, os agentes encontram Sophie na entrada da mansão, porém transformada em zumbi
Final médio: nesse final os agentes simplesmente olham para a mansão e vão embora
Final bom: nesse final os agentes encontram sophie, ainda viva dizendo "Thank you Rogan"
Obs: dependendo de como você ouvir, no final bom Sophie falará "I hate you Rogan"
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