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Title Platform Date
Release Date - Azkend 2 Announcement Trailer
Azkend 2 will be available March 14, 2012, for the iOS, PC, and Mac.
PC 06 Mar 2012
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Demo Video
Check out a Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Nemesis mode demo with Rey Jimenez.
X360 05 Mar 2012
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Nemesis Demo
Check out a Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City demo video.
X360 05 Mar 2012
Radio Interference - Silent Hill 2 Gameplay
Check out this new gameplay from the Silent Hill HD Collection.
PS3 05 Mar 2012
Ridge Racer Unbounded - Environment Trailer
Catch a sneak peek of some of the city streets featured in Ridge Racer Unbounded.
PC 02 Mar 2012
Rewind - Blades of Time Trailer
This Blade of Time trailer showcases Ayumi in elegant melee and ranged combat, in some instances using time rewind to clone herself into a small army to fight her monstrous adversaries.
X360 27 Feb 2012
Ridge Racer Unbounded - Preorder Trailer
Preorder the standard edition of Ridge Racer Unbounded now and get the limited edition for the standard price.
PC 23 Feb 2012
Rhythm Heaven Fever Remix Gameplay Video
Check out a fresh and funky remix for Rhythm Heaven Fever.
WII 07 Feb 2012
Rhythm Heaven Fever Robots Gameplay Video
Robots come to life and show that they've got heart in Rhythm Heaven Fever.
WII 07 Feb 2012
Rhythm Heaven Fever Kicking Gameplay Video
A young couple is straight-kicking it in the park to the beat.
WII 07 Feb 2012
Rocksmith '60s-'70s DLC Video
Check out this video for the Rocksmith '60s-'70s DLC.
X360 17 Jan 2012
Reindeer - All Zombies Must Die Gameplay Trailer
All Zombies Must Die proves that even cute reindeer must suffer the consequences.
PC 22 Dec 2011
Rayman Origins - Making of Trailer
Here's a making-of video featuring members of the Rayman Origins production team.
PS3 08 Dec 2011
Rochard - Making of Video
This video gives some great insight into how Recoil created and perfected the game's amazing physics engine.
PS3 20 Oct 2011
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Video Review
Grab some bolts and help Ratchet & Clank in this video review with Tom Mc Shea.
PS3 18 Oct 2011
RAGE Easter Eggs Video Feature
Chris Watters shows you the four main id Software Easter Eggs in Rage - Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, Doom, and the id Software Graffiti rooms!
PC 11 Oct 2011
Rage - Gun Show Video Feature
We take on the wastelands of Rage with our sweet guns.
PC 07 Oct 2011
Rochard Reverse G Gameplay Movie
In this Rochard gameplay video, the reverse G mechanic is demonstrated.
PS3 04 Oct 2011
Remedy talks Max Payne 1 and 2
With Max Payne 3 on the horizon, Remedy's Matias Myllyrinne and Sam Lake take a look back at the influential action shooter series.
PC 03 Oct 2011
Renegade Ops Video Review
Carolyn Petit goes renegade in this video review for Renegade Ops.
X360 21 Sep 2011

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